Advantages of Playing Musical Instruments

Music is played through musical instruments which have a huge variety available. Listening, learning and playing music has a lot of benefits associated with it and most of these benefits are hidden. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the amazing benefits that can be very important for mind and personality development.

  1. Playing musical instruments teach you discipline. You would be surprised that how playing musical instruments can teach discipline? Answer is very simple. Learning a musical instrument is a daily activity and you need to take your time out daily to be able to learn or play it. Similarly, in team or band performances, you need to be well synchronized with your other colleagues. This needs proper and long practice sessions on regular basis. Now this activity of taking the time out daily and playing and learning instruments makes your life disciplined. You make your schedules for this activity and transform into a disciplined person.

  2. Studies have shown that playing musical instruments and listening to music is a source of stress and depression decrease. Infact some of the studies have suggested that in medical treatments, music therapy may also be added. Those who have known to be having longer music engagements have considerably lower stress levels and more satisfying lives.

  3. One very important aspect of learning and playing music is that it makes your memory very sharp and your brain becomes more active. This is a very positive sign especially for children in growing ages. It is known that the students who play music can solve mathematical problems more efficiently than those who do not play. So it plays a very vital role in overall mind development.

  4. Learning and playing music also increases team skills. When you play music in team or in bands, your ability to play as a team member is polished. When a band plays, every member has to play his part at a very specific time in a calculated manner. So this considerably increases team skills and your attitude.

  5. Another very important area where learning and playing musical instruments works great is that it develops a sense of responsibility in you. You take time out to properly take care of your musical instruments, properly clean and lookafter. Such habbits are very important for your personality development and help you a long way ahead in your life.

  6. One very interesting and important factor especially for the old people is that they can spend their time in this healthy activity which not only is a good source for their time disposal but also serves to improve their mental and physical condition. Old people are really in difficult situation and they have plenty of time which they find difficult to spend. They try to keep themselves engaged as much as possible. Playing musical instruments is really a blessing for them.

Music has a deep connection with our souls and is a source of expression of our inner fleeings and sentiments. Learning and playing music and using musical instruments really is very helpful for you. Enjoy music...!!!!



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Musical Instruments of China

Every culture, every civilization and every country has its own musical traditions and instruments. Music is a big industry and spread all across the world, therefore there is a huge variety of musical instruments available. Some of the instruments are common across different cultures but some vary from civilization to civilization and country to country. This article will give you an idea about the musical instruments that are there in China.

China has a vast range of musical instruments which have been developed traditionally over a number of years. These musical instruments are classified according to the material of which these are made up of. These materials generally include clay, wood, bamboo, metals, stones etc though the instruments of stones and wood are obsolete now. These musical instruments can further be classified in to stringed instruments, Wind instruments and Percussion instruments. The stringed instruments includes the instruments which can either be plucked or bowed. The percussion instruments consist of the instruments including drums, gongs etc.

One very popular Chinese musical instrument in Hukin family is Erhu and falls in the category of bowed string. Another famous instrument which is bowed string Gaohu. This instrument is usually used to play the tunes which have a higher pitch and which cannot be played by Erhu. Plucked string musical instruments include the instruments such as Yueqin and Pipa. Yueqin falls in lute family and its shape is like a moon and it has four strings. Pipa has a body resembling a pear and has four strings. It carries 30 frets and falls under lute family of instruments. Out of all the categories, wind instruments are more popular in China. One of the popular instruments in this category is Dizi. It is very easy to learn and is made of wood. It is popular also due to the fact that it is a cheap instrument and learning is also very quick and easy.

Some of the ancient Chinese instruments which almost have become non-existent now include the following:

  • Qin is a very old musical instrument and its history is related to Chinese philosophers and scholars

  • Ruan is another very old chinese musical instrument and is told to be made around 2000 years back with bamboo though its new form has some changes in its structure.

  • Muyu is another ancient musical instrument and is known to be used in rituals.

  • Similarly Zhu is also an old and ancient instrument and is obsolete now. Its sound is believed to be generated by hitting the string with the help of a stick.


These are some of the ancient musical instruments of the Chinese history. There may be more that we have not covered in this article but we have tried to cover most of the instruments to give the readers of this article a good insight of the Chinese music. I will try to write some more about the modern musical instruments like electric guitars, violins, pianos etc. in near future.